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100% Merlot. The grapes were picked in early March and went straight from fermentation in stainless steel tanks to the bottle. Renowned winemaker, José Luis Biondolillo, took the bold step of not ageing this Merlot in oak so as to preserve the grapes’ natural flavours and intense fruitiness.


This wine is suitable for vegans. 

Tempus Alba Merlot

  • Type: Red

    Grape: Merlot

    Year: 2018

    ABV: 14%

    Region: Maipú, Mendoza

    Food: This is the perfect three-course meal wine. It can work with a range of starters and main courses, right through to the cheese board. It’s a perfect pair for salty snacks, lamb, steak, tomato-based dishes, mushrooms, pork, tofu, pasta, roasted vegetables, turkey and chicken. Thyme, garlic, rosemary, sage and onion flavours really work with this unoaked Merlot and it loves stronger cheeses. It may be overwhelmed by very spicey chili where Torrontes, Syrah or Malbecs are more suited.

    Tasting Notes: Fabulous cherry, plum and blackcurrant really come through on this inky dark red wine. It has medium acidity for a Merlot, which is why it works so well with food, and balanced tannins that will mellow even further over time. A medium body and a lovely medium long finish.

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