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Our Story

Ruta 40 was built out of our love for fine wine. We discovered the beautiful selection available in Argentina and wanted to make it more accessible.


About Us

From the hills of Argentina to the homes of the UK

Who and what are Ruta40?

Well, starting with the geography, Ruta40 is one of the longest roads in South America stretching from Argentina’s boarder with Bolivia in the north, running along side The Andes all the way through to Rio Gallegos at Argentina’s southern tip. 5,194km long it runs through some seriously stunning vineyards in Salta to Mendoza, through cacti fields and overlooking Patagonian lakes.

We have developed an amazing collection of wines from boutique wineries across Argentina. What started as only winemakers from the 'Ruta 40' (the longest road in Argentina), has grown to include some more unique wines from across the country. These excellent wines are all ones that we would have in our own wine cellar but we wanted to be able to share that experience. Wine is best enjoyed together and so we started to import it into the UK.



From the vineyard to your house and beyond.

We believe that the environment plays a big part in everything that we do. Vineyards play a big part in this, using the soil and the weather to help perfectly ripen the grapes ready to be picked each year. Although we have no direct say in how the vineyards conduct their business, we are committed to doing everything in our power to keep our environmental footprint as low as possible.


Carbon Offsetting

For every bottle of wine sold, we give 25p to our carbon fund

All our grapes are handpicked, and we use ships to transport our wine across to the UK. These lower our carbon emissions but some of them cannot be totally avoided. We are working on further lowering our carbon footprint through compostable packaging and bottling our own wine, but for now we are committed to offsetting all the carbon we produce by investing into net positive initiatives. 

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