100% Bonarda grapes from their vineyards in Maipú, Mendoza province. The grapes were handpicked during the first week of April with the aim of preserving the purity of the natural aroma of the Bonarda grapes. 20% of this wine has been aged for 2 months in American oak barrels to give it a hint of vanilla and spices. A great wine with a strong personality, well integrated acidity, and round tannins.

Aranwa Bonarda

  • Type: Red

    Grape: Bonarda

    Year: 2020

    ABV: 13.5%

    Region: Maipú, Mendoza


    Food: Red meats, particulary lamb, are ideal with this Bonarda and most roasted vegetables either oven baked or BBQed. Portobello mushroom burgers, rich BBQ sauces, medium to strong blue or hard cheeses all work with the acidity and smooth finish. 


    Tasting Notes:  This is a well balanced dry wine with smooth tannins and medium to high acidity. A lively morello red colour with a fruity nose including ripe plum and cherry jam touched off with fine herbs and red fruit taste to the finish.