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Wine Tasting at Home

Packs are £35 each (includes postage)
No, we haven't been spending lockdown with a funnel and a chemistry set! But we have been working with some clever people who are able to safely transfer our wines into 100ml screw top glass tubes and with the robust packaging you can now have your very own wine tasting kit.

We'll get the pack delivered to you at home along with tasting notes, instructions, food pairing suggestions, and even some quiz questions so you can make it a blind tasting if you want. Just don't get too competitive!!

This is ideal for anyone who fancies trying some different wines, it could also be ideal as a gift or birthday present, or just something different to do one evening.

You could always invite (challenge) socially distant family and friends via your preferred video platform. We'll send a pack to each address you give us.

If you have any questions please email us at

: £22.50

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