The ultimate Tempus Alba red wine half case (6 bottles). A diverse selection of  their exceptional varietals


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  • Pleno Blend 2015  - The wine with it's own fan club, Malbec (65%) and Cabernet Savignon, 15 months in oak. Red and blue berries, vanilla and toast. Softening tannins and a super long finish
  • Syrah Reserva 2016 - A Ruta40 favourite, 6 months in oak, nose of smoke and vanilla with black fruit
  • Tempranillo Reserva 2018 - Big but subtle, 6 months in oak, black berries and cinnamon
  • Loco (Crazy) Malbec 2019  - Relentlessly popular, big and juicy but unoaked, black and red fruits topped with raisins
  • Merlot  2016 - Fabulous with food, smooth, fruity and unoaked 
  • Cabernet Savignon Reserva 2017  - Classy, 6 months in oak, softening tanins, touch of green pepper with red fruits


All Tempus Alba wines are suitable for vegans.

The Tempus Alba Case