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Tempus Alba

Bodega Tempus Alba owners Dorothy and Aldo Biondolillo have a very clear view on life, grapes and wine: 'We are what we do.' That same principle is shared by Leo and Mariano – bodega managers and the 4th generation to oversee the making of its fantastic wine.

This pride and thinking underpins everything Tempus Alba does and its 'total belief in good wine.' It shows. Their wines are complex, deep and evocative, each demonstrating the unswerving dedication and vision the Biondolillo family brings to its vines and commitment to its family heritage.

Tempus Alba offers a beautifully elegant Cabernet Sauvignon, an intense and rounded Malbec, a complex and cheeky Syrah, an incredibly refined Tempranillo, a Merlot of deep intrigue and the wondrous Reserve Tempus Pleno - a truly stunning blend that captures the Tempus Alba philosophy 'We are what we do' in every bottle.

Ruta 40 is honoured to represent Tempus Alba and the label's full range of beautifully crafted wines.
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Tempus Alba Cabernet Sauvignon
A harmonious Cabernet Sauvignon from this 4th generation wine making family
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£46.00 £39.00
Tempus Alba Pleno Winemakers Reserve
The best of the best from this 4th generation of winemakers
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Tempus Alba Tempranillo
An awesome Tempranillo from the old hands at Bodega Tempus Alba
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