About Us


Christian, the brains behind Ruta 40, quit his day job after a life-changing trip to Argentina in December 2009.

Traveling the country’s highways and byways, exploring without a plan, (except to propose to his now wife Victoria) Christian was enchanted by the incredible wine he drank and enraptured by the generous hospitality offered by bodega owners along the way. Oh the days…

As you’d expect from any oenophilic traveler, Christian tried to bring a hoard of his favourite wines back to the UK. There he hit a snag. The only way to get these wines onto British soil was bottle by bottle, via airfreight, at a cost almost as much as the wine itself. So Christian decided to dedicate himself to solving the problem.


Ruta 40 is now Christian, a collection of inspired bodega owners and winemakers, the team on the ground in Argentina and the team on the ground in London. Their mission: to supply you with outstanding wines at extraordinary prices.

The online shop and wine club is up and running, with new bodegas being uncovered and added to the Owners’ Circle all the time.